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Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Audio


Have you ever wanted to entertain outdoors with food, drinks and music but never wanted to disturb the neighbors? Well, this outdoor system allows you to do just that.

We use TruAudio products that really allow you to test higher volumes in your own backyard while remaining on your neighbor's good side. When strategically placing the speakers and the underground subwoofer it allows your guests the freedom to speak without shouting and yet enjoy the crystal clear background music. Nothing is worse then trying to have a conversation with a group of people and only being able to hear the person right next to you. The ambiance is set and now all you have to do is kickback and enjoy the company.

For those quiet evenings, you can enjoy a relaxing almost resort feeling with the high quality sound that TruAudio products provide. To read more about TruAudio products click here.

Luxury Outdoor Sound. Video. Truaudio The Sound of Innovation.

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